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Growing your Rhaphidophora cryptantha
Shingle Plant
Rhaphidophora cryptantha is a truly unique and beau
tiful climbing plant. The leaves
overlap along the stem and make an amazing display
as it delicately climbs up its
If possible, find a tree with reasonably smooth bar
k, not an Ironbark Eucalypt or loose
barked species. Simply tie your plant to the tree a
nd leave it find its way onto the
trunk, it will adhere to the bark on its own eventu
ally. The trunk must be in bright
filtered light, no direct hot sun, although early m
orning sun is fine. If you have not got
an ideal tree, a large piece of tree fern wood or h
ardwood timber will keep it growing
for some years, excess growth can be removed and pr
Water is critical. A spray every one or two days, p
articularly while it is young, will
keep the plant growing strongly, if the roots are n
ot adhering to the trunk it is most
likely because it is too dry. Liquid feeding monthl
y is also helpful to keep your plant
increasing in size. The older your plant gets the m
ore robust it will become as the
roots store humus and water under the leaves which
help insulate it from imperfect
The only major pests of this plant are chewing inse
cts such as Grasshoppers and
Caterpillars, these can simply be crushed or spraye
d with the insecticide Carbaryl.
Best of success with your plant, do contact me if I
can be of any further help.
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Merci Néo.

j'avais trouvé sur le net ces liens, mais cela reste relativement vague sur les bonnes conditions de culture.

pas de pH, pas de taux d'hygrométrie, rien sur la fertilisation ( azoté ou non).

J’espérais que quelqu'un du forum en cultive pour me rencarder.


Je vais le faire au feeling en attendant.


Merci Néo.

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